Neighbors in Ahwatukee on alert after dog is poisoned

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AHWATUKEE -- Pet owners in a Valley neighborhood are concerned after somebody poisoned a dog.

School teacher Penny Kotterman says it feels like a member of her family has been murdered.

Just over a week ago, she says Jaeger, her 2-year-old German shepherd-chow mix, was barking pretty loudly outside her Ahwatukee home near 14th Avenue and Wildwood Drive. She brought him in and about an hour later the dog started having convulsions.

Kotterman took Jaeger to the vet, but ultimately he had to be put to sleep.

Kotterman found dog treats that had been poisoned in her backyard and says she can't believe what has happened.

"It's just really hard to get your head around how somebody could purposefully harm a dog, especially a dog that's really friendly and pretty well-known around the neighborhood," she said. "You start to wonder what's really going on here in our neighborhood."

Kotterman said she's never had any problems with her neighbors in the 18 years she's lived at her home.

She and other pet owners who live nearby are hoping anyone who may have seen something will come forward.