Military displays skills and hardware at Aerospace and Arizona Days

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The men and women who protect our country don't get many opportunities to show off their skills to the general public. During Aerospace and Arizona days, that's all they do.

The air show Saturday drew a huge crowd -- bigger than in years past, With even more planes to see. When 400,000 people are in one place at one time -- you know something big is going to happen.

You could hear the roar of planes for miles, coming from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. This weekend's 2010 Aerospace and Arizona Days air show came back to town after a three year hiatus.

The pull of the stunts pilots brought people in from all over the country, like Ed Killham, who was on base for the first time,from Nebraska, "There isn't any country in the world that has what we have.  This is absolutely wonderful.  You know our boys in the service you gotta really commend them for what they do."

When asked what he feels about the military display, Ed Killham is impressed, "I just hate to be their enemy." 

Ed knows what it's like to be in battle. He's a World War II veteran, "I was on a troop transport in the Pacific, went in on invading the Philippines and Okinawa and all that."

All that he and other veterans did to protect our country, our freedom, allows us to do this -- spend the day watching military and civilian aerial demonstrations in the sky, or stand next to our country's elite aircraft on the ground -- planes so massive, people used the wings for shade. One of the main attractions in the air show -- the US Air Force Thunderbirds.

"Well, not everyone can do that, you know?"

Our military men and women rarely get to show us what they can do outside of work. At Aerospace and Arizona days they not only show what they can do,they make us proud.