Giffords' not only vandalized democratic office

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Southern Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords apparently got some immediate feedback on her "yes" vote to Sunday night's health care reform bill.

Early Monday morning -- someone vandalized her office.

Staff members at congresswoman Giffords' Tucson office came to work Monday morning to find the front door and side panel smashed out.

Rep. Gifford's Communications Director CJ Karamargin thinks someone either shot at the door from alongside the fence...Or jumped the fence and smashed the glass with an object, "we think a pellet gun was fired at the door. We're not sure, the incident is still under investigation."

It all happened around 2-am... Only a few hours after the historic health care vote in Washington.

Giffords' office wasn't the only one targeted. New York police are looking into two acts of vandalism, one in Rochester at a Democratic Committee Headquarters and another in Niagara Falls at a congresswoman's office.