Gov. Brewer and staff ready to kill healthcare reform bill

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PHOENIX - Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has a plan to kill the health bill, which she calls unconstitutional.

Paul Senseman, the governor’s spokesperson, tells 3TV, “It's an issue of states’ rights."

Gov. Brewer's staff is accusing the federal government of violating states’ rights by forcing the states to pay for new health programs they just cannot afford.

Senseman says, “We have a heavy-handed D.C. approach that state taxpayers will shoulder the burden for."

Gov. Brewer calls the health bill a financial disaster for Arizona and full of unfunded mandates but health bill supporters say the governor is misinformed.

Representative Kyrsten Sinema, a democrat, says, “The governor spoke out against legislation without reading the legislation."

Rep. Sinema says Arizona will receive extra federal dollars to pay for programs in the new health bill and she discounts the claim that the federal government is unfairly forcing reform on the states.

Rep. Sinema says, “There's a lengthy history of doing so. It's where Medicaid came from, Medicare, KidsCare, and the Veterans Healthcare system."

Tuesday, as President Barack Obama signs the new health bill, Rep. Sinema will be at the White House to witness it.
At the same time Gov. Brewer's staff will be working at the capitol on a plan to quash it in court.

The governor's office says Senators McCain and Kyl are on board with the plan to derail the health bill by filing the lawsuit.