Gilbert salon owner fighting for fish during pedicures

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GILBERT – A salon owner in Gilbert is fighting for fish used in pedicure treatments.

The Goldwater Institute filed a lawsuit on behalf of Cindy Vong challenging whether the state can ban her from using small fish that nibble on people’s feet removing dead skin.

Monday in court a judge heard arguments over the issue. Vong's lawyer, Clint Bolick, says the state does not have authority to outlaw the practice. He explains, “The Board of Cosmetology does not have jurisdiction over fish. If you go to a lake and a fish nibbles on you, the Board of Cosmetology is not gonna rush in with an injunction like it did with Cindy Vong's shop."

Vong adds, “Right now, it's very popular in Southeast Asia and in Europe but in the United States it's very, very new. We don't have the regulation. We don't have the law, we don't have the guidelines, you know, taking care of the spa fishes."

Back in September the Board of Cosmetology ordered Vong to stop using the fish and called it an ‘unhealthy practice’.

The judge is currently reviewing this case.