New procedure to treat joint pain

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You don't have to live with joint pain

When you think of your joints you usually think of all the places that bend such as your elbows or knees. But, in fact there are over 730 joint pains listed. Basically, everywhere there's a space between two of your bones that is considered a joint. Of course medical schools teach doctors to look for the most common joint pains in which there are about 20 of those.  The most common causes are osteoarthritis and acute pain from a sprain.

It's AZ Pain Centers' job to narrow down your pain and define what the cause is. Once the pain is isolated AZ Pain Centers uses a new treatment which is a non-steroidal substance that suppresses the inflammatory response. The non-steroidal substance is injected directly into the joint. Other doctors use a steroidal injection to treat pain but, the most common side effect of using steroids is bony erosion over time. The steroids actually add to the disease over time. That's the main difference with AZ Pain Centers and other pain treatment centers.

If you're experiencing any type of pain visit the doctors at AZ Pain Centers for a complete evaluation and to learn about your pain treatment options. With this new procedure there's no reason to live with chronic pain.

About AZ Pain Centers
AZ Pain Centers currently has four locations in Arizona located in Chandler, Phoenix, Peoria and Tucson. AZ Pain Centers treats pain management for migraine headaches, Fibromyalgia, neck and back pain, sciatic leg pain, disc herniation and age related degeneration pain. They are known for their non-steroidal injections to treat pain. If you have any questions please visit your local AZ Pain Centers or visit AZ Pain Centers online.