Suspect's bizarre crime spree in El Mirage involves six victims

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Jesus Holguin faces several criminal charges. By Alicia Barron Jesus Holguin faces several criminal charges. By Alicia Barron
Bizarre crime spree in El Mirage. By Alicia Barron Bizarre crime spree in El Mirage. By Alicia Barron
Bizarre crime spree in El Mirage. By Alicia Barron Bizarre crime spree in El Mirage. By Alicia Barron

El MIRAGE – A man has been taken into custody after going on a bizarre crime spree in El Mirage on Wednesday morning.

Officers responded to emergency calls at about 10 a.m. near 127th Avenue and Bloomfield. The first caller stated a man was chasing a woman down the street with a baseball bat. The woman reportedly left in a car before officers arrived and she was not located.

Officers interviewed witnesses and spoke to a 35-year-old woman who told police 25-year-old Jesus Holguin had approached her car, reached in through the driver’s side window and grabbed her sunglasses and broke them.

The woman says she had her two young children in the back seat so she fled the scene because she feared for her safety and wanted to avoid further contact with Holguin.

Detectives learned that a short time later Holguin went inside an open garage at a home to try and steal a bike. The 32-year-old male homeowner confronted Holguin and was able to fight him off while Holguin fled from the home without the bicycle.

A third victim was going door-to-door with a church group near 126th Avenue and Bloomfield Road as they passed out flyers when he saw Holguin approaching him. The man tried to move his car but Holguin went to the driver side door and reached inside several times attempting to take the car keys.

A fourth victim, a 44-year-old man, told police he saw Holguin go into his neighbor’s car. The witness called police when she saw the vehicle move forward out of the driveway.

The fifth victim, a 59-year-old woman, says she was driving her car southbound on 127th Avenue when she saw the suspect standing in the middle of the road with a large piece of wood. The woman attempted to avoid Holguin but he threw the piece of wood at her car and missed.

Witnesses say Holguin later approached a 57-year-old male worker of Artistic Land Management, threatening him with an ice pick and stole a dump truck.

Police have learned Holguin tried to turn north on El Mirage but was going too fast and he rolled the dump truck. The suspect crawled out of the cab and fled on foot. He then reportedly entered a garage at another home and tried to steal another bicycle. The homeowner there also confronted Holguin and pried the bicycle from the suspect.

Police caught up with the suspect as he tried to leave that residence. He was put under arrest after a brief struggle with police.

The motive for Holguin’s crime spree has not been determined. He has been booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail and faces charges including armed robbery, burglary, robbery, attempted unlawful means of transportation and unlawful means of transportation.