Don't break the bank during spring break

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The spring break season is upon us and for some that means hitting the sandy beaches of popular beach resorts. However, for many families, the fear of a still uncertain economy may caution some parents from splurging on a lavish spring break vacation. The economic climate may seem a little bleak, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun, memory filled vacation.

First, determine how much you can realistically spend and create a budget. Once a budget and spending plan is created you can then move on to enjoying a fun-filled week of adventures. The financial experts at Money Management International (MMI) offer the following low cost activities the entire family will love.

• Nearly every state in the nation offers exciting indoor water parks featuring thrilling water slides, child and toddler splash areas, and much more. Some even offer beach like pools complete with sand and tropical plants offering the illusion of an exciting island get-away. Visit your state directory, take a short drive and splash the day away.

• Explore nearby museums, indoor gardens, and local factories. Many museums and galleries offer free days or evenings; find out the days and times and plan accordingly. Tours can be both educational and fun.

• Camping is probably the ultimate bargain and many camp grounds and parks offer rental cabins and lodges. State and national parks often offer low or no cost amenities including boating, canoeing, horseback riding and hiking. Contact the National Park Service for details and availability.

• For those who really want to get away, search the Internet for last-minute travel bargains. Often package deals are a lower cost alternative, but be sure you know exactly what is included.

When budgeting for a vacation, you'll want to set aside at least a small sum for the unexpected. We all need a break from time to time, but in addition to focusing on where you are going, remember to focus on reconnecting as a family.