Octopus Frutti di Mare

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6 baby Octopuses
12 cooked Mussels
12 cooked cherry stone clams
1 Maui onion finely diced
1 red pepper finely diced
½ cup finely chopped celery
2 Tbsp. chopped cilantro
Juice of three lemons
2 Tbsp. red wine vinegar
1 tsp. sugar
1/4 cup Chardonnay wine
1 lemon
1 whole white onion
1 bay leaf
1 cup champagne
6 black peppercorns
1 Tbsp. chopped cilantro
1/2 Tbsp. dried oregano
4 Tbsp. olive oil 
Court Bouillon
Combine 2 quarts water, champagne, whole onion, whole lemon, bay leaf and peppercorns and bring to a boil
Reduce to a simmer and place Octopus in pot and simmer for two hours
Refrigerate Octopus for 2 hours
Cut Octopus into thin slivers
Add cooked mussels and clams (meat out of shells)
Add olive oil, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, cilantro, Chardonnay, chopped pepper, Juice of three lemons and salt and pepper to taste
Plate on a cold dish that was rubbed with lemon
Take Octopus out and refrigerate for two hours

Yields: 6