Body of murdered man found wrapped in blankets

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PHOENIX - The body of a murdered man was found outside an apartment complex.

Police initially received a call about a possibly injured person but discovered the victim had been murdered and wrapped in several blankets.

The body was found inside a tipped-over shopping cart at a complex located near 45th Avenue and Thomas on Sunday morning. Investigators tell 3TV they think it was a murder.

Authorities are trying to identify the victim and determine how he was killed. Some kids reportedly saw another man pushing the shopping cart on Sunday.

The woman who called 911 did not want to show her face but said this is a new low for the neighborhood. "It's just scary...starts to get very scary."

Investigators say they believe the man was killed somewhere else and then dumped at that location.

Any witnesses who may have seen anything are asked to contact Phoenix police. Officers are still looking for the guy who was pushing the shopping cart.