13Th anniversary of 'Phoenix Lights' and still no answers

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PHOENIX - More than a decade after the "Phoenix Lights" appeared over the Valley people are still searching for answers.

It was 13 years ago Saturday that the lights captured the world’s attention and for one Valley woman it was a life-changing event.

On March 13, 1997 a sighting over Phoenix became the most famous mass UFO sighting in the world.

The so-called "Phoenix Lights" changed Dr. Lynne Kitei's life. She was one of the hundreds of witnesses. She says, “Once I knew that other people had seen what I had seen, that really hit home because wow, maybe what I have documented is important."

For the last 13 years she has researched the sighting, hoping for answers. She says she even set aside her medical career for several years. “You know, I've tried to look endlessly, meticulously for a logical source and meaning for what I witnessed and photographed.”

Her research culminated in a book about the sighting, which has been updated this year with new information about that night. She says, “Whoever did this wanted to be seen. To this day we still don't know. It cannot be explained or denied.”

Kitei also produced an award-winning documentary. But the question lingers. People saw something but what was it? Kitei says, “We don't have the technology right now to define what these things are but that doesn't mean they are not real.”

Three years after the 1997 sighting the Arizona Air National Guard staged a demonstration saying the lights were military flares. The demonstration did not settle the debate.

Flares of that kind put off smoke and witnesses say there was no smoke associated with what they saw. So now, more than a decade later, the lights remain a mystery but one that Kitei says deserves a closer look. “So, the data speaks for itself. I just urge people to look at the data and that's one of the main reasons I came forward. If I can be a credible voice so that people actually look at the data then I've done my job."

The Phoenix Lights documentary will have a special showing this weekend. The new movie debuts Sunday at the Harkins Shea 14 at Scottsdale Road and Shea Boulevard. Show times are at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.