Status of infamous 'rotten-egg-like' smell at Scottsdale Waterfront

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SCOTTSDALE – City officials say they have used several different techniques to keep funky odors under wraps at the
Scottsdale Waterfront the last few years, but now they are looking toward a more permanent solution.

Some say they believe the answer lies in garbage disposals. It was not long ago when Scottsdale's Waterfront literally stank. Back in 2006 3TV caught many a pedestrian holding their noses.

It is much more pleasant these days but every now and then an odor wafts through. One passerby says, “Smells like rotten eggs.”

City of Scottsdale Water Resource Manager Marshall Brown says the culprit could lie inside restaurants, specifically in their garbage disposals. “A sewer collection system is designed to deal with liquid waste, not necessarily food waste.”

Brown says that when food particles get into grease receptors and other underground sewage mechanisms, it causes a bad smell. City officials are considering forcing restaurants to dispose of their disposals all together.

Kenny Brown managed the Pink Pony for decades. It is now closed during a transition period but he had a lot to say on the issue. He says he is not sure about the city's new idea to put it all in the trash can and he is not alone.
“The garbage pail is what smells up the place.” Cameron Davidson, another Scottsdale restaurant manager, says, “In theory it sounds like a good idea but realistically it wouldn't work out great for us.”

The garbage disposal proposal is still in the early stages. A meeting on the subject is planned for later this month.