Website helps Arizona veterans adjust back to civilian world

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For people in the military the life and death situations they often deal with while on duty are never easy to adjust to but the return to the civilian world can be difficult as well.

They give you about four days where they kind of talk to you about assimilating into civilian life but i got to Arizona State University and looked around. I went from being Navy Special Warfare, pretty big fish in that pond, to going to ASU and looking around going 'where do I go for help?' How do I get this done?

Paul Clark is a Navy veteran who made two tours of the Persian gulf. He says he was able to finally adjust, but realized lots of service people don't.

Colin Day was in the Army. He served in Iraq and says he felt the same frustration when he got out.  "Yeah it's a different world and the military does a lot to teach you how to become a soldier but they dont' really spend to much time in teaching you how to acclamate yourself back into civilian society so it can be difficult.

Look around and the situation of some vets becomes clear. More than 800 vets turned out for a standown in phoenix last month designed to help them..

Many vets are homeless and cannot find jobs while others have different problems. Colin and Paul wanted to help and came up with an idea., a website for veterans, AZ-veterans-leads.

"It provides professional and Social networking to our members, it also serves as a directory of local veteran-owned businesses here in Arizona and we also help veterans who aren't currently working find employment."

In Arizona there are 660,000 veterans in the state and as many as 24,000 of them have their own businesses.

Jim Door, a Vietnam vet says the site is working for him. "I used it to promote my business for one and also to make networking contacts with other businesses to make us grow and to help other veterans."

For two veterans with a good idea the potential is enormous. "Our hope is not only will veterans go to this site to hire comebody but civilians will go to this site and say, 'I want to help veterans. I want to put them to work'."

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