Sean Miller era begins

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In his own way, Coach Sean Miller let the fans know that getting results under his regime would take some time. Thursday, that statement became reality. The loss leaves U of A fans dealing with the realization that there may be no post-season at all.

The word "trying" here is being used in the present tense. It was uttered while the 'Cats were still battling the UCLA bruins during the first round of the Pac-10 tournament. The team tried to win in hopes of extending their 25 straight NCAA tournament appearance streak to 26, they failed.

And fans are heart broken.

Jim Manilla has been a fan for 30 years and saw the streak begin 25 years ago, shortly after Lute Olson was hired. Now he watches time and tradition tick away with the game clock, "it's a tough thing because you come in with a whole new ball club, no one expected them to do as good as they have."

Sometimes, when you're on top, the only place to go is down.  But when you fall, all that's left is to get up, "it's something they'll use to push for next year, maybe win a Pac-10 title."

"The Sean Miller era has officially begun. Starting a new streak will happen sooner or later," Jim and other fans are betting on sooner.