Drink up before summer hits

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For my time spent in the military, I can’t tell you how many canteens (canteen = 1 quart) of water have passed through my system!  I still remember all the heads (bathroom stalls for you civilian types!) had posters which would show the different levels of hydration by color coding from clear to dark yellow… yes the color of your urine!   If your urine matched any of the colors indicated, then it would tell you how many canteens you would need to drink to be sufficiently hydrated!  With the military issues we’ve had overseas, water is of great value to our troops in the deserts of the Middle East.  Here in Arizona, we must be aware of our hydration levels by drinking water frequently throughout the day.  The nice thing about sunny Arizona is that when we perspire, we hardly know it due to our extreme lack of humidity. 
In turn, it can be our worst hydration enemy when you never realize you’re sweating!  So drink up BEFORE summer hits!   

“Here in Arizona, we must be aware of our hydration levels by drinking water frequently throughout the day.”
If you’re reaching for something to drink out of thirst, chances are, you’re probably already dehydrated.  Always drink up while training and during hot weather.  Don’t just grab soda or juice either!  Rule of thumb:  Never drink your calories!  The calories you get from drinks other than water (diet drinks excluded) can actually pack on more pounds than that lunch-time meal!  For example, one regular Coca-Cola (12oz) per day will result in over 16 lbs of fat per year (total calories converted to lbs)!  In more cases than not, most of us aren’t just drinking 12oz.  I don’t even think they offer a 12oz size at most fast food places any more!  So if all you do this year is switch to diet soda or go cold turkey and switch to water, you could be shedding the pounds away for years to come before you even step foot in a gym!  

"Rule of thumb:  Never drink your calories!"
In regards to curbing your appetite, water consumption can actually help aid in fewer calories consumed as a whole.  We often confuse thirst for hunger.  Much of the over-eating in this country is directly related to the lack water in our systems.  Try drinking at least an 8oz glass of water 20 minutes before every meal to help control your appetite.  Eating fewer calories with the aid of water, switching from liquid calories to diet AND maintaining a structured resistance and cardio program go a long way in reaching your goals in the shortest amount of time.  Below are two hard-core exercises that’ll have you in that yellow polka-dot bikini before it hits triple digits!

Walking Lunge (Quad & Glut)
With hands on hips, perform walking lunge.  Drop back knee straight down to keep front knee from passing lead toe.  3 - 5 sets to failure. *step up to a high knee after each step to further challenge your balance emphasizing the core*

Standing Oblique Crunch                       
With feet shoulder width apart, one hand follows the side of the leg.  The opposite elbow points straight up.  Be sure to hinge at the waist keeping hips stationary. Repeat on opposite side.  3 – 5 sets for 15 to 25 repetitions.  *add light weight for added resistance*