Fund that pays unemployed benefits will run dry this week

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX - Hundreds of thousands of Arizonans depend on jobless benefits to get by but the state fund that pays out those benefits is expected to run dry this week.

First off 3TV wants to let people know they will continue to receive their benefits because those in charge are taking measures to support those who rely on them.

In December of 2007 there was about $1 billion in our state's unemployment trust fund. That fund is where the state gets its money to pay those who are looking for work and receiving unemployment benefits.

In the last two years a massive amount of people have applied for those benefits due to the economy.

Those of you who receive benefits will continue to get them because the Arizona Department of Economic Security will borrow $250 million from the United States Treasury to continue paying unemployment benefits.