Woman whose fiance died needs help getting refund from DJ service

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PHOENIX -- A West Valley woman says she needs help getting a $1,200 refund so she contacted 3 On Your Side.

Christina Loyash has been planning her wedding, but in the end she wound up planning a funeral. As a result, she needs a little help from 3 On Your Side.

Loyash longs to be held by her fiance, a big-hearted man by the name of Mark Spradlin.

"I still feel like he's going to come home," Loyash said.

But this hunter, sports fan and aspiring police officer won't be coming home because just last month the car he was driving collided with a semitruck in the far West Valley, killing him.

The tragic accident happened just one month before he and Loyash were to be married.

Instead of planning a wedding, Loyash and Spradlin's mom, Dyan Temple, had to plan his funeral.

"I try not to think about it," Temple said. "I try just to do what I'm supposed to do and not think about it because it's just terrible."

Working together Loyash and Temple say they managed to get wedding deposits back from businesses involved in the wedding -- the florist, the photographer, everyone.

"Everybody else we have worked with has had no problem giving us the money back at all -- 100 percent," Loyash said.

But they claim they had difficulty with the DJ service they hired, a company by the name of SKM Entertainment.

According to the contract, Loyash gave SKM a $1,200 deposit to provide music at her wedding, but even with Spradlin's death, Loyash says SKM Entertainment won't return it.

"They are the only people who had what I feel like is no sympathy for what I feel like is an awful, awful situation," she said.

"That's what I told them," Temple said. "I said, 'It's not like they broke up, he's dead.'"

In a letter to Loyash, SKM Entertainment wrote that she could apply the $1,200 deposit as full credit toward another event in the future, but Loyash and Temple say they're grieving and won't be celebrating any time soon.

"It's terrible, it's worse than terrible," Temple said.

3 On Your Side contacted the owner of SKM Entertainment and, as a result, the company changed its mind and sent Loyash a check for the full deposit -- $1,200.

And although getting her deposit back helps her financially, she knows nothing can bring her fiance back.

"Coming home to this house without him in it, not seeing his truck, without being able to call him at lunch, it's hard," Loyash said.

In a written statement to 3 On Your Side, the owner of SKM Entertainment says he has always expressed the company's deepest condolences for Spradlin's death.

And, finally, although the family credits 3 On Your Side for getting their money back, SKM Entertainment maintains it eventually would have returned the money without my involvement.