Entering the field of plenty: Feed your soul

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One who practices yoga regularly will begin to notice the physical and physiological benefits. This feeling of inner balance may start as a sense of calm during a challenging situation, maybe even deeper sleep, ultimately leading to a healthier immune system. How does this ancient art cause such a sense of fullness, aliveness, and heightened state of being? Yoga is a practice that heightens our awareness, brings us deep into our physical bodies and provides physical, mental and emotional balance, yet what about the soul?

Think of the things you do in life to feed your soul. It may be reading a good book, preparing a delicious meal, taking a long hike, or maybe even a little vacation. How long has it been since you did something to feed your soul? As I have worked with countless students on and off the mat, discussing this very topic, I must say that more often than not, students will be harder on themselves than anyone else is and that is just the opposite of what the practice is intended to be.

When you wake up to your breath, you wake up to your life. The question is, how much life support do you allow in and are you consciously drawing it in? When we see the world inside of ourselves clearly, as a place of infinite potential, constantly changing, growing and expanding, then that is exactly how we begin to experience life. We have more energy when we see life from the perspective of infinite resources, because we are using the ones we already have; this amazing body, this amazing sensory awareness that tells us what foods give us life and what deplete us. Where in your life are you feeding yourself from the field of plenty? Bringing your focus to the field of plenty is one way you can begin to sustain your inner garden of wealth and water the soil of your soul. Make a list of all the healthy ways in which you take time for yourself and feel abundant in the process. These little ways you pamper yourself; the long bath, the stop at your favorite bookstore to sit and read for an hour, the time you spend just with you that makes you feel refreshed. This is what yoga is all about, feeding your soul such that you may come from a place of abundance. Honor body, rest, get a message, and watch your attitude and the life you bring to your life… expand.

Your practice is allows you the opportunity to say “yes!” to you so that you can say “yes!” to the world and still feel as though you have more than enough to give; enough time, enough energy, enough love, enough of all that supports and sustains you.  If you are working long hours, are tending to children, have been retired for years, or if you are simply ready for a deeper and more meaningful relationship to exercise, then this is a segment that will help wake you up to the power of the “field of plenty.” Get ready to sour through your yoga practice and savor the ride.