Taser Int. named as sole defendant in injury case for first time ever

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SCOTTSDALE - A man taken down and permanently disabled by police in California is filing a lawsuit claiming a company in Arizona is to blame.

Doctors say Steve Butler has almost no short-term memory after police gave him the "taser treatment" in 2006 for being drunk and belligerent onboard a California bus.

Butler went into cardiac arrest. In a new lawsuit his family claims Scottsdale-based Taser International should be held responsible because data shows tasers fired at the chest can cause fatal heart injuries.

John Burton explains, “We can prove that by early 2006, but we suspect they had all the necessary data since 2005, since they were funding the study."

A spokesperson with Taser International says the stun guns have repeatedly passed medical studies and are safe to use.

The company did, however, put out a directive last year instructing police officers to no longer aim for the chest area.