Peoria elementary schools taking steps to improve poor air quality

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PEORIA - One school in the Peoria School District is trying to make sure every inch of their school is safe after an air quality test revealed that might not be the case.

Desert Harbor Elementary near 91st Avenue and Greenway Road is opening up the details of the test to parents so they can learn more on what's being done.

Peoria School District wants to reassure parents their kids are safe despite a letter going out on Friday that revealed the district has been conducting an investigation into the air quality in some rooms and hallways on the campus.

District officials said a recent test done found mold spores and dust levels a little higher than they'd like in an area of the main building of the school.

That area has already been sealed off and further testing was done over the weekend. The results are still not in.

In the meantime, the district isn't taking any chances and they plan on pulling up the carpet and putting in polished concrete in the area.

Tonight district officials will hold an informational meeting to let parents know what's going on at 6:30 pm at Desert Harbor.