Massage therapist is unable to work because she's waiting on license from state

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Thuy Nguyen has all the credentials and education to be a massage therapist. She even has a job offer on the table. However, the problem she says she’s having is that she can't get her license from the state, and without that license she can't accept that job.

"I want to be able to help people," she said.

Nguyen says she was excited when she finished her schooling to be a massage therapist and she was eager to start her new career.

"It was going to be my new life to be able to help people," Nguyen said.

Before she could start her new job, though, Nguyen had to get her license from the state.

So in November she says she mailed all of her documents to the state and paid the required fee, which was $200.

"I sent it in and I called them a week later to see if everything was OK and she said, 'Yeah, we are processing,'" Nguyen said.

Nguyen says nearly four months later she still doesn't have her state certificate and without that license she can't start her new job she has lined up.

"It's stressful to not be able to work, not able to pay my rent and I don't want to live on the street," she said.

Nguyen says she could never get any straight answers when she would contact the Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy so she contacted 3 On Your Side.

"I need to make a living, be responsible and it's been really difficult for me," she said.

3 On Your Side contacted the Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy, which acknowledged things were running a little slow, but tells us that the state actually has up to six months to turn around a license.

However, after our inquiry, they sped up the process for Nguyen and got her license issued so she can work.

"When Channel 3 stepped in and helped me, they responded in about a week and I'm very grateful!" she said.

Nguyen is now making a living at her new job and she's glad to be working -- something she says she owes to 3 On Your Side.

"I'm able to work now and I'm very joyful and very happy," Nguyen said. "Thank you to Channel 3 for helping me. I really appreciate everything they have done!"

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