Beauty gone bad: Beauty blunder fixes

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Not long ago some of my gal pals and I were sharing some hilarious and some bad beauty blunders that had happened to us.   As I mentioned in a prior segment, I had recently glued my fingers together with nail adhesive.  After two hours and calls to Poison Control and to my local emergency room, I finally pried them apart by soaking them in vegetable oil with Vaseline for one full hour.  Acetone nail polish remover was supposed to do the trick, but it didn't work. 

Another friend told me that her pal had recently ripped a row of eyelashes out with her lash curler.  Well, I decided that these beauty blunders might make an interesting and helpful column if I retold these stories, with solutions, just in case something like our own mishaps happen to you.  So read on to hear about the eyelash situation and more.

Beware of the Overly Eager Eyelash Curler!
After a friend ripped out a section of lashes with her eyelash curler, I wondered how this could happen and what to do.  She endured the regrowth period by applying fake lashes for several weeks.  My local Walgreen's beauty consultant told me that this does happen and that women should be proactive by buying the right kind of curler.  She says to look for the eyelash curler with the spring and cushion grip. 

Check out the segment to see the different types I show that are both made by Revlon.  With the spring built into the handle, the user feels the tool gripping down slowly and has more control when it comes to letting go versus the other one that simply, and sometimes too quickly, just clamps down.  Both sell for under $10, but remember to look for the one that has the spring that just might save your lashes!

An Expired Bath Ball?!
One of my favorite little luxuries is a brightly colored bath ball that looks like a scoop of ice cream, but smells like lavender or other relaxing aromas.  Once in the bath water, it begins to slowly fizz into a foamy and luxurious bubble bath that feels heavenly.  So, when I found an old one under my sink, I couldn't wait to soak in that bubbly bath ball soap. 

Well, the strange odor should have warned me, but instead I sunk right in only to find my bubble bath full of sticky stuff that sort of resembled the residue left from a band-aid.  And this sticky stuff was all over my body!  So, my soothing suds were instead sticky and stuck on my skin.  I had a heck of a time getting the stuff off!  Just like the nail glue, good ol' Vaseline did the trick.  However, it took several days because the stuff was all over my back in hard to reach places that I didn't even notice.  I could find nothing on bath ball expiration dates, so my recommendation is to use yours within the first month of purchase!

Uncool Kool-Aid Lip!
This one goes all the way back to my wedding day!  After having my lip waxed one day before the ceremony, I felt ready for the big day and thank goodness all went smoothly.  However, the next day during our honeymoon flight, my new husband asked me why my upper lip was sporting a Kool-Aid mustache!  And a mustache was just what I had been trying to avoid! 

It turned out that my sensitive skin had a reaction to the waxing and as a new bride, I was embarrassed!  For me a little bit of a soothing aloe worked.  However, before you wax, I suggest scheduling a facial with an aesthetician who can tell you what type of skin you have and what her recommendations are for the best products for your sensitivities. 

If you have severe redness, swelling or hives, call your doctor because you may be allergic to something in the actual wax.  Minor post-wax redness and irritation is normal and may disappear all together through repeat waxing and time as your skin adjusts to the root removal.  My best advice, though, is to not schedule a facial waxing right before a big event, especially if you are the bride.  You may want to be blushing, but not beet red!

Like Mother, Like Daughter in the Red Skin Department!
Years later I have discovered that my daughter also gets red reactions to certain things on her skin.  If you are a mother to a daughter, or son for the matter, that has to wear headgear, then keep reading.  After several weeks of wearing her new dental appliance, her chin broke out into a bright red rash that upset her both by the way it felt and looked.  After trying several creams and Vaseline, nothing worked so I called her orthodontist's office.  They told me to see a pharmacist who showed me Moleskin Foam Padding that can be  directly applied to the part of the headgear that was making her skin break out.  And at just over two bucks for two sheets that can be cut to size, the price and the remedy was right! 

Your Face Base Cracks!
Well, maybe it doesn’t actually crack, but it looks so dry just an hour or so after application, that you want to take it all off.  With some foundations, this has happened to me and I could literally rub dry skin flakes off of my forehead.  Celebrity makeup artist Karen Hall knows this about my face, so she actually pours a few drops of Jojoba oil into my foundation.  And it goes on like butter with no dry skin flakes!  Jojoba oil can be found for around five bucks in health food stores like Healthy Habit located on 7th Street and Bethany Home Road in Phoenix. 

To see several more bothersome beauty mishaps, watch the segment.  And if you have one you want to share, do let me know because our gals have to share stories and solutions to keep our beauty & life on a budget!