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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Q. I’ve used WordPerfect for years, but only recently made the switch to Microsoft Word because so many of my clients use it. In WordPerfect, I could create folders, then save documents to sub-folders I created within those folders. Can I do the same thing in Word? Thanks for being there, Mr. M.

A. Yes, it’s just as easy to create sub-folders in Word as it is in WordPerfect. In Word, when you’re ready to save a document, click File > Save. Use the little down arrow to the right of the “Save In” field to navigate to the folder within which you would like to create a sub-folder and double-click to open it. In the Toolbar, click the icon that looks like a small folder with a starburst in the upper right-hand corner, which will open the New Folder window.

Type in a name for your new sub-folder, then click OK. You can repeat this process to create additional sub-folders, as needed. The Save As window will open within the new sub-folder. Type a name in the File Name field for the file you want to save, then click the Save button. It will be saved to your newly created sub-folder.

Q. I always feel on the spot when a retailer asks for my email address, but I don’t really want to give it out. Should I be using one of those disposable addresses you've mentioned before, such as Gmail, or should I use something else?

A. Using a Gmail address is fine, but for a really short-term, single-use email address, try Mailinator ( It’s free, no sign-up is required, and all you have to do is conjure up a username to use with To later check mail sent to that address, go to the Mailinator Web site, type in your username, and press Go. Mailinator accounts are only created when email arrives, and messages are automatically deleted after a few hours, so there is no tidying up required.

It’s not a perfect solution for all email needs, and you can’t respond to email with Mailinator, but it’s a novel concept in the world of Evapomail. I use it for all online purchases so I can receive my purchase confirmation, but no follow-up solicitations. Be sure to read the FAQ located on the Mailinator Web site.

Q. When I recently downloaded Real Player to view a movie clip, it somehow became my default audio player. I would like to restore Windows Media Player as the default player. Is that possible?

A. Yes, indeed. Overly aggressive media players have a nasty habit of making themselves the default whenever the opportunity presents itself, but you can make Windows Media Player (WMP) your default very easily. In WMP, click Tools > Options > File Types tab. Click “Select All,” followed by Apply > OK to save your changes and exit. That's all there is to it.

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