Huge crowds of teachers protest cuts on 'Nat'l Day of Action'

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PEORIA - Across the country and in the Valley it was the National Day of Action.

Huge crowds of teachers got together on Thursday afternoon. 3TV attended one rally in Chandler and another one in Peoria where groups were protesting state-wide cuts to education.

As one person put it, they are trying to fight off an educational catastrophe. About 100 or so people showed up at the Peoria event and say they are worried about what the future holds for the Peoria Unified School District.

Arizona lawmakers have already proposed cutting all-day kindergarten, which would save the state more than $200 million.

It is not just state budget cuts that teachers say they are stressed about. The district is also trying to hold on to $18 million in override funding. If they want to keep getting the money which comes from district-wide property taxes, they will need an extension vote this November.

There were a total of 34 protests and rallies across Arizona on Thursday.