Mesa teen seriously injured after family pit bull attacks

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MESA - Mesa police say the family dog attacked and sent a teenager to the hospital and officials are now trying to figure out if this was more than just a horrible accident.

Police say the dog went into attack mode after a father and son got into a verbal argument inside their apartment.

“Somehow during the argument, the family dog, which is a pit bull, bit the18-year-old in the face,” police said.

Officials say the dog caused significant injuries to the victim's face and head and he was transported to Scottsdale Memorial Hospital.

The pit bull did not go willingly.

“It was obviously not happy to see us,” police said. “It was barking, growling, showing it's teeth at us.”

Officers say there were several more dogs inside the family's apartment, including one which police eventually returned after they decided it did not attack the teen.

Investigators are still trying to determine whether this case is more than an unfortunate accident.

“We were unable to get a good statement from the young man who was bit and we haven't been able to speak to the father,” police said.

Police say the victim will need a lot of plastic surgery to repair his face, but is expected to be okay. It is unclear what will happen to the dog.