Man says trial offer turned into a nearly $4,000 bill

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MESA -- You know, trial offers are a great way for companies to get you to try their products.

A Mesa man had a trial offer for a $4,000 pair of hearing aids, but he says he had a hard time getting his money back.

Donald Ecott says he knew his hearing was diminishing, but he didn't do much about it until he saw an ad in the paper for ABC Hearing Aids.

Ecott decided to go to ABC Hearing Aid Services to get his hearing checked. Ecott says that's when they recommended hearing aids.

"I said, 'How much will it be?' and she said, 'Thirty-nine hundred and ninety dollars,'" Ecott said. "It was kind of a shock to me. I didn't realize it was going to be that much money."

Ecott said the hearing aids had a 30-day trial period. If he decided to return them within 30 days, he'd have to pay $500 but he would get the rest of the cost back. So he tried them, but he soon noticed problems with the hearing aids and tried to return them.

"He said no," Ecott said. "I said, 'What do you mean no? I've got 30 days. It has only been a little over three weeks.' He said, 'No this is at the discretion of me. They are working.' I said, 'My friend, they are not working.'"

In the contract Ecott signed, it does say it will be refunded "at the discretion of the seller" and Ecott says the "seller" refused to take the hearing aids back. Angry, Ecott left the hearing aids anyway and walked out. He then contacted 3 On Your Side.

"I hope that somebody can solve this problem," he said.

The owner of ABC Hearing Aid Services tells 3 On Your Side that they actually mailed Ecott a full refund weeks ago, but for whatever reason the company claims Ecott won't accept the piece of mail and sends it back unopened.

Ecott tells 3 On Your Side he sent the parcel back because he thought it contained the hearing aids he didn't want. He didn't know it contained the refund check.

After our involvement, ABC Hearing Aid Services says they'll mail Ecott the check once again and hopefully he'll accept it.

ABC Hearing Aid Services does have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. As for Ecott, he should be getting his check any day now.