Woman upset after being told she is responsible for an $800 stolen phone bill

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A Valley woman says her cell phone was stolen and now she's responsible for the thief's $800 phone bill.

Most of the calls were made to other countries by the thief. In the end, the overseas calls amounted to $800. She says she feels she’s been victimized twice.

First, someone swiped her phone and, now, she's being held responsible for the bill.

Danielle Intemann says she is dependent on her cell phone.

"I use it every day for business and pleasure, calling friends, family, but most of the time it's used for business," she said.

But Intemann says one night while out with some friends her cell phone was lost.

"Well, we took a cab home that night," she said. "It's a possibility that I left it in the cab."

Intemann says she didn't realize her cell phone was missing until the next morning. So, she did what she thought was the right thing.

"So I went to the T-Mobile store the very next day, canceled that phone and purchased a whole new one," she said.

Intemann thought everything was fine until she received her cell phone bill from T-Mobile.

"I received my bill in the mail, opened it up and realized I had an $800 phone charge," Intemann said.

Eight hundred dollars, which included $588 from calls made overseas. Intemann says she doesn't even know anyone overseas.

"There was a whole spew of phone calls made to Iraq and Jordan, which clearly I have never made," she said.

Intemann says she immediately called T-Mobile, which told her sorry she would be responsible for the entire bill.

"I went to a T-mobile location, went and spoke to six different customer service reps for T-mobile and then I came to you guys," Intemann told 3 On Your Side.

We contacted T-Mobile and after we did they sent Intemann a letter stating:

"...you are liable for the charges of $588.91 on the account; however as a courtesy, T-Mobile has agreed to issue credits totaling $588.91..."

Intemann says she's been battling T-Mobile in hopes of having the fraudulent charges removed and was unsuccessful, until she contacted 3 On Your Side and she says she's sure glad she did.

"Before 3 On Your Side got involved, I couldn't get through to anyone, I was passed from customer service to customer service," she said. "After 3 On Your Side got involved they called me the next day and resolved the problem!"

T-Mobile was good to work with. In fact, even though Intemann has decided to go with another cell phone company, T-Mobile waived her early termination fee.