Woman upset after she says big tax company made big errors on her taxes

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PHOENIX - Jonelle Schmeltz says she paid a well known company more than $300 to prepare her taxes. But she says when they made an error she lost all confidence in the company, and just wanted to go somewhere else.

Mom-to-be Jonelle Schmeltz has a lot of new and exciting changes going on in her life right now.

“We're newly married and we have kids that we're claiming and just a lot of things. We wanted to make sure we got done correctly.”

Jonelle is talking about her taxes and with all the new changes in her life she wanted to make sure her taxes were done correctly.

So she went to this Jackson Hewitt in Glendale and paid $320 to have her taxes prepared, “they went thru our paperwork and said what we qualify for”.

But one of the things Jackson Hewitt said she qualified for a homebuyer’s tax credit which would entitle her to $6,500 back, sent up a red flag for Jonelle.

“I was still really concerned because everything we looked up online said we didn't qualify and they didn't have paper work to prove to us we did.”

And that didn't sit well with Jonelle so at that point she decided to have a C-P-A look at her taxes.

“We decided to have someone else look over our tax paperwork they had prepared to see if there were any other discrepancies and in fact there were.”

Jonelle says the C-P-A found many discrepancies including that homebuyer’s tax credit. At that point Jonelle says she just wanted Jackson Hewitt to return her $320 so she could go somewhere else.

“The best they could do was give me $100 back and a $200 gift certificate for next year's taxes and I said absolutely not, I don't want to work with them.”

3 On Your Side contacted the owner of this Jackson Hewitt which tells 3 On Your Side that they prepared Jonelle's taxes based on the information she provided to them. The owner also says they're the ones who actually caught the mistake and were willing to fix it, even offering a partial refund.

However, after 3 On Your Side got involved the owner said he was willing to mail Jonelle a full refund.

Jonelle says that's good news to her once she actually sees the refund.

“I understand they are supposed to be sending out a check, I still haven’t received it and if they do follow thru and it comes in I’ll feel relieved.”

Jonelle says she still hasn’t received the check but when she does we will update you.