Police officer on paid leave accused of assaulting girlfriend

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PHOENIX -- A police officer has been arrested after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend on Tuesday.

Ricky Orosco, 26, has been an officer at the South Mountain precinct for more than three years.

Police spokesman Luis Samudio said that Orosco, who had been drinking, tore off his girlfriend's clothes after she refused to engage in sexual conduct with him. When she escaped, Samudio said, Orosco tried to pull her from her car and broke off the door handle.

Police said Orosco allegedly pulled his girlfriend's hair, choked her with both hands and punched her in the face. She allegedly called 911 when Orosco started following her in his car.

The victim told officers that Orosco had also assaulted her two weeks ago, but she did not report it.

The Phoenix Police Department has put Orosco on paid leave pending an internal investigation, and this is not the first time; almost two yeas ago Orosco was involved in a fatal shooting of a suspect who had a knife.

Orosco has been charged with assault, unlawful imprisonment and criminal damage.