Man found dead after shooting teen neighbor in Buckeye

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

BUCKEYE – A Buckeye man is now dead after a standoff with deputies that started after he shot a 16-year old neighbor minding his own business.

The shooting took place in the west Valley near Fillmore and 193rd Avenue in Buckeye.


Sheriff's investigators are searching the property and the home to help shed some light on why this man shot his teen neighbor.


The barricade situation involved a heavy presence of law enforcement. A man with at least one rife was reportedly inside a shed after being involved in a shoot-out with officers.


Deputy Lindsey Smith, with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office explains, “A father called in a frantic 911 saying his teenage son had just been shot.”


When deputies arrived on scene gunfire erupted before the wounded suspect dove inside a shed.


Deputies also said they know who the man was. Deputy Smith says, “This is a man in his 50s or 60s. We've been out here for a variety of reasons.”


The teenager was shot in the leg and was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital and he is expected to recover from his injury.


It appears the suspect did not like the teen riding his four-wheeler. Jason Thompson, who lives nearby, tells 3TV, “We used to ride over there just all the time you know, had a good time, nobody ever said anything to us as long as we kept the dust down.”


Thompson says he remembers what it was like being 16 years old and riding quads throughout the spacious neighborhoods in the area.


Thompson says, “Should've just given that kid a verbal warning, you know, if he had a problem, talk to his parents, no need to shoot some little kid.”


As hours went by and deputies made no communication with the barricaded suspect, the SWAT team moved in. Deputy Smith explains, “We've determined the suspect was found dead from gunshot wounds.”


The sheriff’s office is not released the suspect’s name because the family has not been notified of what transpired on Tuesday evening.


No deputies were hurt and they plan on talking to the 16-year-old once he feels better.