Queen of Clean talks Hospice

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One week ago today the Queen of Clean's mother-in-law passed away and she wanted to share her story. Her mother-in-law who was in her eighties became suddenly ill and unfortunately there were no recovery solutions available. Linda Cobb (Queen of Clean), having had wonderful experiences with Hospice in the past called Hospice of Arizona to see if they could help her locate a Hospice in New York where her mother-in-law resided. Hospice of Arizona came through but unfortunately there were some disagreements between the families on whether or not Hospice was needed. As Linda began to share her past experiences with her family about how unlike hospitals, Hospice is trained on more than just pain management and that calling Hospice is not giving up it's just moving into a new direction to help the person you love they finally agreed to bring Hospice in. Linda's mother-in-law passed away pain-free.

If there's one thing that Linda wants to share with you, it is to take your healthcare into your own hands and start having these conversations with your family now before it's too late and you don't have a voice. If anything write down your wishes and give them to your doctor as he or she can direct your family.

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