Growing debt? Think about debt settlement

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In today's economy it's hard to not have a pile of debt that keeps growing. If you're someone that has $10,000 or more in credit card debt and has had a hardship then contact Nationwide Debt Settlement as they can help. Many people look at having only three options which is to slowly pay the minimum payments in an effort to pay off their debt, file for bankruptcy or do nothing. There's another option out there and that is debt settlement or debt negotiation. This is where the representatives from Nationwide Debt Settlement can help. Nationwide Debt Settlement offers a free budget analysis with new clients where they will look at your individual situation and come up with a custom plan for your needs to negotiate and pay off your debt to your creditors. The goal is have debt free in 2-3 years without having to file for bankruptcy.

About Nationwide Debt Settlement
Nationwide Debt Settlement is a local company located in Phoenix, AZ at 3819 North 3rd Street.  Feel free to contact a representative via phone at 866-654-NWDS (6937) or email your questions to

The local team is comprised of Sarah Leineke, President and COO of Nationwide Debt Settlement and Julie Leineke, CEO and Vice President of Nationwide Debt Settlement. Their mission is to provide the tools, resources to prepare their clients for a healthy financial future.

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