New casino promotions at Fort McDowell

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It seems that every week there are new casino promotions at Fort McDowell. This week be sure to stop at The Fort to compete in the Roll, Pick and Win game. You can enter this game by swiping your Fortune Club Card. If your name is chosen you will get to roll a dice numbered 1-4, two times. The number that your two rolls add up to is the amount of game cards you'll then get to chose. The game cards chosen will reveal prizes from $75-$200 in cash or free slot plays. Of course you have to be present to win.  

New Casino Promotion  
Fort McDowell Casino is giving away a 2010 stone white Dodge Charger! Again you may enter by simply swiping your Fortune Club Card. The deadline to enter is March 30th. A drawing will be held on March 31 at 7 pm where two winners will be selected. Those two winners will then have a chance to choose six cards each. The winner that has the highest amount when the cards are added will win the cash from the cards that was revealed and the new car. The runner-up will win the cash and prizes revealed from their chosen cards. So, there really is two winners for this promotion. Again, you must be present to win so make sure to attend on March 31st. Good luck!

On-going Casino Promotions
Be sure to check out the weekly entertainment line-up at the Fort's Lucky 7 Saloon and if you're in to car shows Fort McDowell hosts a free car show every weekend except for holidays. You can attend the car show as a fan or enter your own classic car to show off. Just call the Fort for more information or visit Fort McDowell Casino online.