Police say man left explosives at his home and tried to hide

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By Dan Neligh By Dan Neligh

Sheriff's deputies have arrested a man they say left dynamite on his front porch and then tried to hide from officers.

Officers went searching for Drew Colt Staenglen, 42, around 10 a.m. to serve him a parole warrant. Instead, they found six to seven pieces of dynamite duct-taped to the porch of his house.

Officers backed away from the porch and contacted a bomb squad, and neighbors allegedly said that the suspect had just drove off in his car.

Officials say deputies spent two hours looking for the man, whom they arrested after finding him with the help of a police dog hiding in a bush.

Staenglen has a criminal history which includes aggravated assault and drug charges. He is also a person of interest in several other cases, but deputies have not provided further details on their nature.