Chandler officer has sex with co-worker while on duty, resigns during investigation

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

CHANDLER – A Chandler Police lieutenant is out of a job after being accused of having sex with a co-worker while inside police headquarters and on duty.

The Chandler Police Department says office romances are allowed but not the kind that includes sex at work and inappropriate emails and phone calls.

Chandler police released redacted documents in the department’s internal investigation that still gives a pretty clear picture of what went on behind closed doors.

Joseph Favazzo, with Chandler police, says, “Engaging in activities within city buildings is not acceptable.”

Police say the affair between Lt. Hawkins and administrative secretary Aurore, or "Rori" Goga began two years ago.
Shortly after that, the married father of two admitted to having sex with Goga at police headquarters. The pair also had sex at the department's evidence building, which requires special access.

Goga also told investigators the inappropriate behavior happened during scheduled work time and on at least 20 occasions.

Last November the relationship started to go sour and Hawkins reportedly broke up with Goga saying he could not handle her socializing. Goga accepted the break-up but, according to her, that is not what Hawkins really wanted.
She told police that although Hawkins never threatened physical violence, he told her he would go to the chief and expose their relationship, saying he was eligible to retire leaving her to clean up thShawne mess.

Goga says Hawkins' harassing phone calls, emails and texts went on for about a month until she could not take it anymore and went to police.

Favazzo explains, “He retired while this investigation. Chose to resign.”

Hawkins will receive full retirement benefits because although his actions were inappropriate, he was not accused of doing anything criminal. Goga has also resigned.