The Hurt Locker: War is a drug

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The Hurt Locker explodes with 5 Red Vines for being my pick for Best Movie of 2009

Drugged Up

Director Kathyrn Bigelow lays it all out for you with a quote off the top of “The Hurt Locker”:  War is a drug.

In her deft hands, we see the high stakes attraction of the adrenalin rush that consumes soldiers in Bagdad.  And in “The Hurt Locker” risk is the name of the game for an elite Army bomb squad whose mission is to find and diffuse IED’s.

The movie literally starts out with a bang and from the very beginning you feel the pressure of being the unwanted intruder in a strange, war ravaged land.  The stress and intensity never lets up for the entire movie, leaving you shell shocked and emotionally exhausted.

Stark, gritty images and lots of hand held camera action took a toll on me personally as I felt nauseous from the shaky imagery.  But director Bigelow is to be commended for giving such a realistic view of 21st century war.  That this comes from a female director is not lost on me and I admire her ability to capture the feel of Bagdad, its people and our soldier’s role in their lives and country. Still the film deftly avoids taking any sides or going down any political roads.  It simply shows things the way they are.

Jeremy Renner, plays the hot shot bomb diffuser so fearless, that he appears to almost have a death wish.  His antics aren’t seen so much as fearless but reckless to his squad played by Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty. 

Having unfamiliar faces playing the leads adds to the documentary like feeling.  But these unknowns will be known after their fierce, moving performances.  And while I have made it no secret that I do not enjoy war movies, I do enjoy finely crafted movies and they don’t come any better than “The Hurt Locker”. 

A screener of this movie was provided to me by the studio but it in no way effects my unbiased review.