Home warranty blues over green pool and broken pump

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Extended warranties give consumers peace of mind, but remember, these warranties don't mean everything is always covered and sometimes it's the homeowner who is to blame.

"We love our pool," Gayle Kendrick said. "We use it almost every day in the summer."

Kendrick says she wanted to make sure her pool was always protected so she bought a home warranty from a company called Service One Home Warranties.

"We know pools do break down even if they're well maintained and we wanted to be covered," she said.

Kendrick says she's glad she bought the warranty because her pool pump recently broke. However, after contacting Service One Home Warranties, she claims they're reluctant to repair or replace it.

"They are not interested in fixing the pool motor or pump or whatever it is," Kendrick said. "They are saying that the pool was not maintained."

3 On Your Side got a hold of Scott Smith with Service One Home Warranties. He maintains his company has an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau and says he's trying to be fair with Kendrick's claim, but he has concerns.

"We found the pool was in pretty green condition," Smith said.

Smith showed 3 On Your Side photos of Kendrick's pool that he says show the pool was not properly maintained, which exempts companies from covering items.

"There's rocks and tree limbs in the pool," he said. "You can still see some green algae on the sides."

And, Smith says vital pool parts like the cartridge filter were missing, which also could have contributed to the broken pool pump.

"The cartridge filter was removed from the property, typically this is only done if it has to be high pressured washed," Smith said. "You should be able to clean a filter on the property with the hose."

Kendrick tells 3 On Your Side she does maintain the pool and as for the missing filter, she says her pool cleaning company removed it recently to clean it. That's why it wasn't there.

After 3 On Your Side got involved, Service One Home Warranties gave Kendrick the benefit of the doubt and installed a new pump.

"Our attitude is we want to cover things," Smith said.