So many H1N1 shots available they are being thrown away

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX - Health officials are pleading with people who have not gotten the H1N1 vaccine yet to do it soon.

The state has so many doses of the vaccines that much of them could be thrown in the trash.

Doctors are frustrated saying 146 Arizonans have already died from the swine flu and if people do not get vaccinated, the number of fatalities could grow.

Dr. Bob England tells 3TV, “It's mind-blowing to me. This is a very serious disease. People are still getting sick, still being hospitalized and we are still having the occasional death."

There will be free H1N1 shots at Sky Harbor, all next week.

The clinic will be held in Terminal 4, on level three on both the east and west ends.