Have a cheat day

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As a personal trainer, I love to see the public inspired to change their lives by getting involved with exercise!  I’m sure we’ve all gotten that “fitness bug” where we start strong and do everything right then our new habits begin to fade away.  Take New Years for example!  How many of us make a fitness resolution that only lasts for a couple of months, if that!? 

“30% of New Year’s resolutions fail in 30 days, 80% in eight weeks!”
Don’t be a statistic!  I see this all too often.  This lack of motivation usually occurs because you’ve tried to do too much, too soon.  You can’t just change your life 100% and expect your mind and body to follow through.  Start slow!  Three days per week at the gym is a great start to a permanent program.  You can always add more days of the week as your fitness levels improve.  Take the weekends off of fitness AND food (in moderation)!

“You can’t just change your life 100% and expect your mind and body to follow through.”
Taking a few days off will not hurt your fitness goals; in fact, having a cheat day can actually prevent your metabolism from dropping.  Constant, low calorie dieting can actually cause the hormone IGF-1 to decline (which is largely responsible for muscle size and strength).  We all know that with less muscle, the calories we are able to burn throughout the day decline.  So have a cheat day!  Try doubling your carbohydrate intake one day, every other week.  This will help boost your metabolism while bringing your hormone levels back to normal, helping you to maintain muscle while continuing to burn fat!  Speaking of muscle, below, are two kick butt exercises that’ll have you burning more calories to justify that cheat day! 

Prone Tricep Extension (Ball)
With belly button centered on ball, keep elbows up and to your side while completing a tricep extension.  Alternate arm movement to really challenge your core as well as your triceps!

Alternate Hand and Leg for Balance
While on the floor, reach hand all the way forward while reaching out with the opposite leg.  Hold for 10 to 15 seconds.  Alternate sides.  Start up on your toes for added stability!