Wild, wacky & truly unique beauty products put to the test

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Whether you see it on an infomercial or standing out in the beauty aisle, you have to wonder about some of those wild and wacky beauty items.  Does a patch on your forehead really rid lines?  Is tomato as good for your skin as it is in your salad?  How about a chin vibrator to do away with a double chin?! 

I have long wondered about some of this seemingly silly stuff, so I decided to put several of these items to the test.  Me and several gal pals tried out a few things.  Although we didn’t all like the same items, we did agree on three things:  most of these bizarre beauty products were cheap, all were unique and the biggest surprise of all was that some of this stuff worked pretty well. 

Tomato On Your Salad AND Your Skin?
When I think of a nice body lotion, I imagine a citrus scent or berry brand, but tomatoes had not crossed my mind.  So when I saw a big jar called Yes To Tomatoes Truly Terrific Body Butter I had to wonder if tomatoes are as terrific on skin as they are in a salad.  Well, I loved everything about this cream except for the scent.  It smelled like a combination of tomatoes and sour cream, which I didn't like.  However, it went on silky smooth and the ingredients are 99% natural with organic tomatoes, watermelon and dead sea minerals.  Lycopene found in tomatoes help to hydrate the skin while the watermelon gives the body a Vitamins A & C boost.  Another bonus is that the lotion is free of parabans and petroleum and is readily available at Walgreen's.  For $12.99 you get a big 8 oz jar to boot, so I do say yes to tomatoes!

Forehead Lift in a Box?
I've heard of a patch to quit smoking, but to banish the appearance of deep forehead lines and creases?  That was a new one, so I put the Face Lift WrinkleFree Brow Patch System to the test.  The box says that the product relaxes like botox and fills like Restylane, so I was intrigued.  I am all for alternatives to injections as those procedures tend to scare me a bit, but this $29.99 kit does take some upkeep.  You must apply the serum daily and then wear the patch weekly for one hour.  However, the patch can only be worn one time, so you have to keep buying patches to continue with the system.  The kit does come with two patches, but if you like the results, you will be tempted to add this forehead lift in a box to your regular grocery list and that could add up.

So, to my family's dislike, I stuck the big patch on my forehead for one hour.  It was comfortable enough and it did feel a bit tingly.  Once the patch is on a red light actually flashes telling you that the forehead lifting has begun.  One hour later I did notice a difference and if you watch the segment, you will see a before and after photo.  Wearing the patch proved a  bit cumbersome because the edges came loose a couple of times.  I would consider doing this more if the kit came with more than two patches.  However as I age and those lines become even more defined, I may be popping patches in my cart more than I had anticipated!

Sleep & Get Self Styled Hair at the Same Time?
When I see a As Seen On TV logo, I usually doubt the effectiveness of a product, so I figured the Wrap Snap & Go! Comfort Hair Rollers would roll right back to the store.  However, I was surprised to find that three different gals, including myself, loved these leopard printed fabric rollers!  No heat is required, which is healthier for hair.  We did just what the package said to do which is wrap, snap and go.   And we did go, right to sleep that is, with those comfy rollers.  We were excited to see that the results in the morning were terrific!  My friend said her curls lasted most of the day and my daughter's held for a good six hours or so, which is pretty impressive for her super straight hair.  I paid ten bucks for a pack of 12 rollers at Walgreen's and they are keepers in our household.  See the segment to see my daughter's finished hair.

Looks Like A Crayon, Lines Like A Pro?
Looking for a smoky dramatic look for your eyes?  Then look no further than Cover Girl's Smoky Shadow Blast.  It looks like a crayon and glides like one, too.  And this is one gray color stick that does the smoky trick both in the crease of your eyelid and underneath the bottom lash.  Keep in mind that it will be dramatic, so it may be too much during the day or worn with the wrong outfit.  I found myself this colorful cosmetic crayon-like eye shadow at CVS for just under $9.

Do It Yourself Nail Art?
Every time I see the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens I wonder how they work, so I decided that this was the segment to try them in.  My gal pals and I did not like these because it is our opinion that if you are not an artist or professional nail tech, then you are not going to find these polish pens easy to work with.  Each pen sells for around $8, but I think I'd rather pay the $20 or so at a nail salon and let the pros paint pictures on my toes.

Olive Oil Outs Frizz?
I usually love olive oil for beauty, so I was excited to try the Organic Root Stimulator Anti-Frizz Olive Oil Glossing Polisher in my hair.  With the dry winter air, my hair does get a bit frizzy and fly-away.  Plus I love products that give my mane shine.  However, this one made my freshly-washed hair look greasy and I learned quickly that a little bit goes a very long way.  So, I won't buy this again, although I am still a big fan of pure olive oil for lots of beauty remedies like dry hands, moisturizing nails and even a hair rinse, but just not on dry hair.  It just proved to be a bit much on a finished style.  If you have super frizzy hair and want to give it a try, Walgreens sells the 6 oz. bottle for $7.99.

A Neck Genie To Nix A Double Chin?
I knew I could call this segment wacky when I saw this device from a Harriet Carter catalog.  This little neck exerciser sits directly under the chin and is supposed to gently firm the underlying muscles of the neck while tightening the skin.  I read a lot of reviews on this before I tried it on my own chin.  Most of the reviewers said that the product didn't work, but a few folks could see a difference.  The bottom line is when it comes to reducing the bottom of your chin, the best solution is to maintain a healthy weight.  I wouldn't waste my money on this when good old fashioned diet and exercise works to reduce fat everywhere including under the chin.   If you are interested in trying this device, it sells at harrietcarter.com for $9.98.

So, when it comes to the wild, the wacky and truly unique, there were some surprises, as I had low expectations for most of the items.  One plus was that most everything fit into my beauty budget and in this economy it is good to know that cheap can be unique and even work well.  To see the above items in action, check out the segment to watch the demonstrations we did  on the different products.  And let me thank you for reading my columns that I hope help to keep your beauty & life on a budget!