Hayworth launches GOP primary challenge against McCain

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PHOENIX – There was a lot of hype on Monday from both the JD Hayworth and John McCain campaigns but whose message is getting through to voters?

3TV spent the day talking to groups of registered republicans.

The primary is still six months away but 3TV found a lot of people already engaged and excited about the race.

One woman who says she is an independent says, “This is John McCain country."

A lot of conservatives 3TV talked to expect it to remain that way. Another woman points out McCain’s, “Statesmanship, his life experiences."

Nevertheless a number of voters seem unhappy with Arizona's senior senator. Harvey Steinberg tells 3TV, “I think it's time for a change."

That change is creating an opening for super-conservative challenger JD Hayworth.

Olga Linneborn, a voter, admits, “I don’t know much about him, but I know I don’t want McCain."

Hayworth's campaign theme is calling John McCain a liberal in conservative clothing and that message is sinking in with some voters.

Steinberg asks, "Do I think he's conservative enough? I think he goes whichever the wind wants him to go."

Hayworth's attacks have also gone too far with other conservatives. Ray Kay says, “I for one am flabbergasted at the arrogance and pomposity of JD Hayworth."

Both candidates seem to have challenges to overcome in order to gain or regain party loyalists.