Quayle's son joins crowded congressional race

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PHOENIX - Dan Quayle let slip that his son is running for Congress today.

It is rare for a candidate to announce he is running for federal office through his dad, but that is just what happened when Dan Quayle spilled the beans on Fox News today.

"The big news is my son Ben Quayle today filed his papers for the third congressional district," the former U.S. Vice President said on Fox News.

Ben quayle, 33, is an attorney and currently a managing partner of APG Security Services in Phoenix.

"He's gonna have a recognizable name and it gives him a big advantage heading into this," said Dennis Welch, political reporter at The Arizona Guardian.

That name, in addition to the Quayle family's political connections and deep pockets, could give him a leg up in the GOP primary that is already packed: at least seven others are running for the nonimation.

"Well if it was a hot tub I'd be a little concerned that it's getting crowded, but it's just the CD3 race," joked attorney Sam Crump, who resigned his State Representative position to run for the Congressional seat.

Crump said he is not worried about Quayle joining the race.

"Welcome to the party. We're all going to be running and I think people are going to be looking at our records," Crump said.

While Dan Quayle could help his son's campaign gain traction, some wonder if there may be a negative impact as well.

A 1992 blunder, when he corrected an elementary school student's spelling of "potato" to "potatoe" lives on thanks to YouTube.

"He better know how to spell the word potato, because someone's probably going to ask him that," said Welch.

Old jokes aside, Ben told the New York Times that the economy would be a top issue in his campaign and said, "I believe we are at a pivotal point in our nation's history and the current people in power are taking us in the wrong direction."

Ben declined 3TV's requests for interviews through his father's spokesperson.