Valley pastor accused of preying on 98-year-old parishioner

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98-year-old Annie Jourden still wears her wedding ring, 20 years after her husband Lonnie's death.

Before he passed, the two made countless memories inside this modest west Phoenix home, evidence of how the family lived financially.

“Even now my grandmother still has the mentality where she saves her little pats of butter from her breakfast, she saves her syrup from her pancakes,” Annie’s granddaughter, Edith Holland said.

Around the corner from the home, Glendale Seventh Day Adventist Church, where a man by the name of Donald Isaac used to rent a room to hold service for his own church, Renewed Hope Church.

Edith says her grandmother spent much of her time there, and quickly developed a close relationship with Isaac. So close, he even called her 'mom.'

“The sun rose and sat at him. I mean she almost idolized him.”

But Edith says there was an entrepreneurial side to the trusted pastor that her grandmother wasn't fully aware of, a side in which Edith claims Isaac used elderly women, like her grandmother, to fund.

In 2005, Isaac took a $30,000 check from Annie made out to Pharmazone Laboratories, a company owned by Isaac, specializing in the sale of sex-enhancement drugs.

Edith says her grandmother was told her money had doubled in the years following so-called investment, but when she asked for the money to pay for the nursing home where Annie now lives, Edith says it became one excuse after another.

“At one point I just sat with him and said I know you're nothing but a crook and a liar because you're just not going to come forth with any money.”

When 3 On Your Side began looking into this case, we discovered Donald's son, Timothy Isaac had already pleaded guilty to a federal charge involving a drug called Vinarol. According to a news release by the U.S. District Attorney dated June 29, 2009:

“Isaac, through his companies Ultra Health Products, Bionate International and Johnston-Keay, marketed a product called Vinarol that he claimed would promote sexual enhancement and was an all-natural herbal dietary supplement. Isaac and others failed to disclose that Vinarol actually contained sildenafil citrate, the active chemical ingredient in the prescription drug Viagra, and did not require customers to provide a physician's prescription before receiving Vinarol. Isaac and others had smuggled the sildenafil citrate from China into the United States without declaring the merchandise for invoicing as required by Customs law."

Timothy Isaac also filed for bankruptcy in 2004, but still managed to purchase a $2.9 million Scottsdale home just two years later.

That home is listed under his dad's name, but apparently, he doesn't live there.

Donald Isaac lives with his wife, Deanna, in their north Phoenix home, where 3 On Your Side caught up with him.

“Donald Isaac?” producer, Meredith Yeomans, asked.
“Yeah who wants to know?” Isaac said.
“We want to ask you some questions about Annie Jourden, the 90-some-year-old lady accusing you of taking 30-grand?”
“Nope,” Isaac said as he turned to walk away from our cameras.

Before he could reach the door, 3 On Your Side asked the pastor about allegations of exploiting the elderly?

“Whoever heard you has told you a bunch of lies,” Isaac said as he reached his front door.
“But you do have a lawsuit pending, what happened to the $30,000?” we asked as Isaac finally opened the door and stepped inside. “Any comment at all?”
“Nope,” Isaac said as the door slammed shut.

Meantime, Edith, who has since moved her grandmother to live near her in Irving, Texas, says she isn't surprised by Donald's reaction. She claims she's been getting the brush off from him for years.

And although for now, they're out the money, she says at least she still has what matters the most.

“If nothing comes of any of this, having her here has been the blessing for me and it's payment enough. I just don't think people like him should get away with something like that.”

Timothy Isaac is scheduled to be sentenced March 1, 2010, and we should note his case doesn't involve his father's company, Pharmazone.

Annie is suing Donald Isaac for exploitation of a vulnerable adult, and is seeking up to $180,000 in damages.