You could own the castle on Camelback for a multi-million dollar price

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PHOENIX - It would be hard to miss the castle on Camelback nestled against the mountain. It's always been the subject of curiosity.

"It's been on the top ten most interesting homes In the country, so i think that other people agree that you are not gonna find another house like this," Deb Weidenhamer said

Built by a Phoenix orthodontist to mimic a Moorish fortress, it's changed hands a few times, but now the seller, an insurance company is taking a different approach.

Weidenhamer says it's going on the auction block Saturday. "I think at this particular point that maintenance fees have begun to grow for the castle and that traditional real estate has Not worked as a way to sell it."

So just what does a castle go for these days? At one time the five bedroom home complete with a dungeon, a built in bar and a living room with a sunken jacuzzi and views to die for was priced at $10 million. Much less is expected to come from the auction.

"I would say the estimate of what it will sell for is roughly $3.5 million on that day Auction Systems expects to have about 5 serious bidders for the castle itself," she said.

Everything in the castle is for sale as well, from the light fixtures to the furniture and even some of those hard to find pieces every home needs.

"And you cannot forget the knight that will be selling that day so the knight that stands guard at the front door of the castle will be sold," she said.

For lookie loos willing to cough up the cost of the preview, means a chance to ogle the inside of the castle and even buy something.

"I'm gonna bid now $50!" Jason Stancill said that is called the chant and it will not be so quick when it comes to auctioning off the castle itself.

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