Woman accused of kidnapping toddler talks to 3TV

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PHOENIX – A woman who took a 3-year-old boy from his apartment complex says she did not think she was doing anything wrong.

The suspect tells 3TV she suffers from anxiety and depression and admits she had taken methamphetamine the day she took the child to get candy but she says she did not mean any harm by walking him to the store.

Ronda Williams says she realizes now she should have asked his mom. Surveillance video shows Williams and 3-year-old Dayton walking to the Ace Hardware Store. Dayton heads right to the candy section.

Dayton disappeared on Monday after investigators say 50-year-old Williams offered to buy him candy as he was playing outside with kids.

3TV found Williams who lives just doors down from the child in a Phoenix apartment complex. She says, “I would never do anything to hurt a child."

She says she was devastated and claims Dayton approached her. She says he said, “’Is it ok if I go to the store with you and get some gum?’ And I said, ‘Well we have to ask your mom and your dad’."

But Williams admits she did not know his mom or dad and she did not get their permission. “There were children, older children in the play area here when I asked and they said they thought it was ok, there were adults standing on the balcony, so it wasn't like I'm just walking off with someone's kid."

But police say that is just what she did. Surveillance video shows her buying Dayton candy at the store down the street. Employees say she was friendly.

You can see Dayton dancing and waiting for his goodies unaware that police are on a massive search to find him.
The two eventually head back toward the apartments. Williams says, “They stopped me and the child in the parking lot over there. I was very surprised. I had noticed the helicopters when we first came out of Ace but I had no clue they were looking for a child."

As for what she would say to that child's panicking mother, Williams says, “I'm sorry that I made you worry."

Investigators say the child was missing for exactly 31 minutes and was not harmed. They have charged Williams with custodial interference.