Creating a new relationship to exercise

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How many times have you heard the statement, "No pain, No gain?" Have you started a workout routine or diet and failed only to feel worse than before you began? For many of us, it can be hard getting inspired to take on a new exercise or "diet" when we are used to our comfort foods, our comfort clothing and staying "safe" in doing the same thing we've been doing. Yet, how can we progress towards our greatest self and access the willpower to change when self defeat has won us over? This is when we must step back, see the bigger picture and take small steps to reach larger goals. The only way change is lasting, is when it becomes a regular part of ones life, not a diet, not a quick fix, but a step towards greater health that can become a regular part of every day life.

If one were to practice yoga every day, this would lead to such lasting changes as keeping slim, maintaining a strong, healthy immune system, better sleep, a more positive outlook on life, better organ function, great circulation, lower risk of heart disease, and the list continues to go on to include every major organ function in the body and I've still not even touched on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. This is where the distinction between yoga and other forms of exercise is distinct. Yoga supports integrating every function of your body/mind/soul connection. Though I support and encourage other forms of exercise as a regular part of ones fitness regimen, it is time to make clear some of the distinctions between yoga and stretching, between weight baring and weight lifting. Yoga is for everyone and in this segment, we talk about how our relationship to exercise and movement changes the way we experience it and perceive it.

So how do we create a new relationship to exercise, how does that have anything to do with practicing yoga and how does one make time for it?

First off, if you have five minutes you have enough time! Everyone has five minutes! You CAN do it! Yoga helps to clear out the old limiting aspects of ones being and unites one with the self and all of life, bringing the cohesive qualities of deeper awareness and a joyful attitude. If all you have is 5 min., it is during that 5 min. you will begin to practice awareness and shift your thinking about exercise into a newly inspired way of seeing yourself and your actions. Five min. easily becomes 25 min. and 25 min. easily becomes 35. When we feel and listen to the body in practice, over time, we develop a new relationship to the form and the formless, we begin to make choices that support where we are now and sustain a deeper more authentic relationship with ourselves and with life.

Yoga is a way of remapping the inner pathways(nadis) of the energy flow in the body, which then create new patterns of thought. Have you ever heard the saying "thoughts become things, what you think about you bring about"? As one holds the postures for longer time, one begins to see the mind's chatter and the many thoughts one believes about oneself or life's journey. As we breath through the obstacles, we experience small victories over the parts that may show up as difficult and challenge the mind and body. Strength, poise, balance, and inner tranquility become a natural way of being. The post yoga feeling begins to expand and feeling great becomes a new pattern or way of being. Coming to the practice begins to become as integral as brushing ones teeth or drinking a glass of water. The student starts to not only become clearer about their true reflection: ones essence(and beauty), but the physical body begins to respond to the integrity of the heart centered approach. The mind is linked and cannot help but follow to suit; old fears and patterns begin to die off.  This is the greatest part, when we begin a new habit on the physical aspect, it effects the mental, emotional, and spiritual level of ones being. Through practicing yoga, our relationship to self and others becomes more compassionate, loving, and of course we are able to greet the new edges of our lives within and with-out with poise and grace!  This segment puts a little bit of wag in your dog and a whole lot of bliss in your heart! It's time to open up to GRACE and let it be the guide. Let's all create a new relationship to exercise, one that supports a life long journey of health, wealth, and happiness! Today's segment will focus on subtle core work that will leave you feeling empowered and healthy starting right where you are. Get ready to fly!


Kali Ray