'Roof rats' squeezing into homes across the Valley

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TEMPE – A rodent is invading homes in parts of the Valley.

They are called “roof rats" and, because they do not have rigid spines, they can squeeze through the tiniest of holes to get into your home.

There are ways to fight them such as snap traps, sticky tape and poisonous bait but the best thing to do is be proactive.

Barry Paceley explains, “The problem is going to be ongoing and continue to spread. The good news is that so many neighborhoods and communities have been actively working on and addressing the problem, getting the information out, so we don't have those hot bed infestations like we did in 2002."

If you already suspect you have roof rats in your home, you should try getting an electric trap. The Rat Zapper 2,000 delivers a deadly electric shock.