Beauty products backor almost backby popular demand

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I recently showed a Maybelline eye shadow that had been a long-time favorite of mine, but when one of our viewers went to purchase it, the product was nowhere to be found.So, I checked the Maybelline website and although it was listed, a quick call to their customer service line confirmed that it was long gone. She told me to be on the lookout for a similar line hitting store shelves in the new year. 

Well, that got me thinking that many of us have probably looked in vain for a favorite product that has disappeared right before our very eyes. So, I decided to do some detective work to find out which popular beauty products have hit the road, which revamped items have hit the beauty aisles and which of our favorites are back by popular demand. Read on and watch the segment to see if one of your favorite beauty products have gone MIA or is making a big return.

For Your Hair
It's a comeback for the crimping iron. My local Walgreen's beauty consultant tells me that this crimped curl creation hit her store shelves in December and sold out quickly. I found a Hot Tools 2 inch Gold Crimper at Ulta Beauty Supply Stores on sale for $29.00 down from the usual $45 price tag. Multiple beauty articles say that the first crimper was created for Barbara Streisand back in the 70's. It remained popular in the 80's with crimped hair seen on celebrities like Madonna. And now Tyra Banks and Fergie show that this trend for your tresses is back. See the segment to see the photos.

Another item that my local Walgreen's brought back is an oldie but goodie, I'm told. Jhirmack Silver Brightening Shampoo for gray, blonde, bleached or highlighted hair was so popular with the drug store customers, that Walgreen's has brought this one back by popular demand.  I am told that men love this stuff, too. A 20 oz. bottle sells for $4.19.

For Your Eyes
Now back to the Maybelline Shadow Stylist eye shadow that I mentioned earlier. I was surprised to find that the line had been discontinued.  Moreover the product still appeared on the company's website. So I learned that if you are really on the hunt for something, call the company to double check that the website has indeed been updated. Maybelline told me that although my beloved eye shadow sticks were gone, they had a new product that would be similar, but better. Sure enough several weeks later the replacement eye shadow called Maybelline Eye Studio made its debut. The packaging is quite different as the original eye shadow came in a tube that resembled a lip gloss, while the new stuff looks more like traditional eye shadow packaging. However, I learned that the new one replaces the Shadow Stylist because the revamped palette can be used dry or wet. Wetting the applicator changes the consistency so that it goes on like the original product. 

Another bonus from Maybelline is that the new shadow is featured on the website at with instructions and pictures of each shadow color. Consumers watch and learn how to apply the shadow to get a subtle chic look or a high impact accent. Sells for $9.79 at drug stores and each container comes with four shades that can be worn and blended together. 
If any of you are looking for the good ol' Maybelline XXX mascara, have no fear as a better version is here. Now called the XXL Pro by EyeStudio, the new stuff is offered in four varieties that include 24 hour, Volume, Curl and Extensions. I paid $8.99 for the 24 hour selection and I like it so far. 

For Your Face
As soon as I hit my 40's, my foundation needs changed. In the past, I looked for light coverage, but now as I age I definitely want more base on my face!  I especially liked Maybelline's Age Rewind for the name and the performance. When it disappeared from the drug store, the beauty consultant told me that it had been discontinued. Then when I returned to research this segment, I noticed it was back in the beauty aisle!  So this one is back by popular demand with only a slight change in the bottle. The old one came with a pump, which I liked, but the new version gives you a choice of the traditional cap or one with a sponge applicator that is attached to the bottle. So, although a bit different, Age Rewind is back and sells for $12.79. 

Cover Girl's long-time black compact pressed powder has been reincarnated into a similar product housed in a new package that is now called Clean and sells for around $7 a compact.

Although I'm not positive about this, I believe that Revlon Skinlights has been replaced by a product called Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator. Walgreen's tells me that women love this because it wakes the face with Vitamin C that brightens skin. I bought the Pink Lights shade because celebrity makeup artist Karen Hall told me that a good trick to wake your face is to pink up, so this fit the bill. My tube cost $12.99.

For Your Lips
Another Maybelline product comes back revamped as well in the lips category. Previously called Shinalicious, the new one now goes by the name of Shinesensational. I'm told that customers say that the most recent brand has better flavors. Since I like bronze shades, I chose the $5.99 Cocoa flavor and it certainly does smell like hot cocoa, which is kind of fun! 

For Your Body
Several years ago, Olay started phasing out their in-shower body lotion, but they soon heard from customers who loved the product. So, they revamped it just a bit and brought it back with the name Olay Body Quench In-Shower Body Lotion. So, it may pay to call your favorite cosmetic company to ask them to keep your favorite items coming!

For Your Nails
Sally Hansen has had a good response with the Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pens that look like markers, but the metallic colors seemed to come and go. Customer demand brought these fun colors back and not just in gold and silver, but also in shimmery blues and more. So, if you missed that added flair of a chrome color, check your local drug store to see the new and improved shimmery shades.

So, the next time you fear your favorite has been discontinued, ask the drug store beauty consultant or call the company because chances are your prized product is on its way back with a few changes, that most of the time, are an improvement.