Unrestrained baby survives alleged drunk driving wreck; 1 dead, 1 critical

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PHOENIX -- Police believe an alleged drunk driver was responsible for a fatal car wreck in Phoenix Friday night.

It happened near 57th Drive and Van Buren Street.

According to officers, a woman in a Chevy truck drove into oncoming traffic, hitting a Geo Tracker.

The woman behind the wheel of the tracker was pronounced dead on the scene.

Phoenix police said there was a 14-month-old baby in the suspect's vehicle. That child was not restrained in any way.

"Fortunately the baby is fine thus far," said Lt. John White of the Phoenix Police Department. "We had a witness who saw the whole thing. She immediately ran over to the pickup truck, opened up the passenger door and scooped the baby off the floorboards. The fire department got here. When we observed the baby, the baby was breathing, obviously crying, appeared to be alert."

The alleged drunk driver was critically hurt in the crash.

Both she and the baby were taken to St. Joseph's Hospital.