3-Month-old puppy found with lumps, expletive written on fur

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FLORENCE -- An investigation into a possible animal cruelty case has Pinal County Animal Care and Control officials looking for leads.

According to Heather Murphy, a Pinal County Animal Care and Control spokeswoman, officers found a 3-month-old puppy with an expletive written with marker in her fur and three large, tumor-like lumps that appear to have been caused by trauma.

Murphy said officers found the dog near Skyline and Camino Largo in San Tan Valley after they responded to a stray animal call on Thursday, Feb. 4.

"She’s a very loving dog who appears to have suffered from neglect or abuse,” said Ruth Stalter, Director of Pinal County Animal Care and Control, in a press release. “If she is determined to be healthy, she will be put up for public adoption.”

Officers ask anyone with information about the dog or her owners to call 520-866-7618.